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Hey Conor, interesting article, thanks for posting.

Is there a good example use-case that would resonate with blockchain-sceptics where an appchain is a great fit? I'm trying to think of use-cases outside super-niche blockchain-specific cases. If an appchain is private, it seems very similar to a private chain. A private chain is very similar to an off-chain database.

I still see so many projects building yet more infrastructure, when what we need is projects that actually do something real, solve a real-world problem (as you mentioned in another of your articles).

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Thanks Kevin.

Agree, its definitely an issue all of the focus on building infrastructure. Infra challenges are easier to define and don't require finding ways to tap into normal people.

I believe ephemeral appchains could have use cases that mirror temporary websites. Where you have sites created for specific events, there could be NFT based ticketing that uses an appchain.

Or perhaps for a new security issuance, it could take place initially on an appchain due to high expected trading volumes. This could help ensure it doesn't cause problems for existing securities on the blockchain that will be the long term home of the new security.

We know that TradFi institutions are looking at ways to bring more stablecoin assets onchain to take advantage of the distribution available via public blockchains. An appchain could be a good place to start, as they can enforce controls such as KYC for participants to transact on the network which will make their lives easier and keep the assets in the right hands.

Long term, providing anonymity and privacy is in place we could see private appchains replace private blockchain networks, as the link to a decentralised network is another security mechanism in place.

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